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Golg of Kagan 2013: G-Force is on its way to Astrakhan

Золото Кагана 2013

Only two days left  before the start of the Cross Country Championship and Cup of Russia stage 2. After the first stage (baja Russia – Northern Forest ) that took place in Leningrad region, the first three in Absolute are Vladimir Vasilyev (30 points), Victor Volikov (21 points) and Sergey Naryshkin (16 points). G-Force Motorsport team supported with the premium motor oil brand G-Energy is pleased to see its crews in the first two lines.

Italian Baja 2013. Photogallery

Pictures from the 1st round of Cross Country Rallies World Cup 2013, March 15 -17, Pordenone, Italy, are published in Italian Baja photogallery 

Photo: Alexandr Lesnikov, Mikhail Lastochkin

Baja Italia. Day two.

Though the G-Force Motorsport crews revealed their real pace and potential, it is hard to say the day was good. The Stewards of the Meeting, who were not able to make a decision for several hours on the eve of the start, brought  jitters to all the team and did not let the crews to have a rest or simply sleep well before the race day, and knocked down the team’s working mood. Despite this, Boris Gadasin managed to win two SSs and Vladimir Vasilyev was 2nd at SS2.

Italian Baja. The results in brief…

The year did not become an exception for G-Force cars on the podium: Bogdan Novitskiy with his G-Force Proto came third in T1.1.

G-Force Motorsport will stay participating in Baja Italia 2013

After the team submitted a notice of appeal, the decision of non-admission for G-Force Motorsport to the start of Baja Italia 2013 was frozen until the appeal would be considered by FIA. Due to this Vladimir Vasilyev's, Boris Gadasin's and Bogdan Novitsky's crews are allowed to start in the race. The start time will be appointed by the Stewards of the Meeting.


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