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Baja Crimea 2013. Saturday, two SSs

Saturday, 25 May 2013 22:34

Баха Крым 2013

Today the participants started for two SSs of 279 kilometers each. The day mixed emotions and results. After Vladimir Vasilyev let Ruslan Misikov to overtake him by 3 secs at SS2, the G-Force driver won more than 2 minutes at SS3 and strengthened his leadership in the race.

But things were not going as well for the other crews of the team. Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich stopped on the track.

Boris Gadasin: During tests we had a small fire under the bonnet: some oil dropped on the exhaust manifold. As the result, wiring was damaged. We excluded the defected part but probably not entirely. Today the problem got out: because of vibration, signals form some sensors disappeared, and the engine died. We had to stop. After about 100 km we decided that we should stop torturing the car and should return to the service zone to repair the wiring.

Volikovs’ crew significantly slowed down.

Виктор Воликов/Анатолий Воликов

Victor Volikov: At the first round we bended the cardan so the last 100 kilometers the car was going with great beats, we could not take the good run. We decided to start for the second round and drive in our own pace without forcing hands – we are the 4th now, and unlikely to catch up with anybody, Vladimir Vasilyev, Alex Zheludov and Ruslan Misikov are ahead of us. So we just enjoyed driving. Except for the puncture we had 10 km before finish, so we had to change the wheel.

The results after the three SSs will be published later. Follow the news! For Sunday there are two more SSs.

Video from NPRUKRAINE:

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Photo: Svetlana Shakhova, Vasiliy Tishkevich