G-Force Motorsport

Italian Baja 2014. Day two, half one.

Saturday, 15 March 2014 15:12


The first two selective stages of the day are done. The results by the moment are as follows:







img 8167 img 6807


During the 2-hour service while mecanics do their job the pilots have time to rest, to share their impressions and to think about the next tracks.

Boris Gadasin: First two Stages went quite well. We chose quite a safe tactics to see the our rivals' tempo . Unfortunately we still made some small mistakes. At ss2 I didn't see the restrictive tape and there was an unspecified right turn 4. We went straight and lost about 10 seconds. At SS3 in my "favorite" place with a specific crossing over earth dam - I managed to slide down the dam - we lost maybe 15 seconds trying to get back to the track. Generally everything went well, yesterday's problems almost do not disturb us. We'll increase the speed for the next Stages.


04 10 11



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